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Mass Tort Marketing Intelligence for Intelligent Mass Tort Marketing

Mass Tort intelligence is essential for Intelligent Mass Tort Marketing. Mass Tort America used its research expertise, marketing expertise and media experience to help our Law Firm clients acquire well over 100,000 plaintiffs for Mass Tort Lawsuits. Every law firm that working theĀ  Mass Tort space knows that they need every advantage they can get in the competition for clients. Mass Tort America is the secret weapon of some of the most dominant Mass Tort Law Firms in the United States.

It is important that any Law Firm give great consideration to investing resources in any new Mass Tort Case. Each new Mass Tort case that arises creates what is essentially a micro-industry for legal services. The Micro Industries have a limited life span and move through predictable phases. Any firm making the decision to become involved in any Mass Tort should set goals and create an executable plan for achieving those goals prior to signing their first client for the mass tort case.

In addition to providing market intelligence for Mass Tort cases, Mass Tort America also assist firms with improving their lead to signed case ratio with a focus on “Cost Per Case Acquired”. Firms often place too much emphasis the cost to generate a lead. Leads in an of themselves do not result in a return, only cases result in revenues being generated. Using the right lead mediums at the right time during the life cycle of a case is key to obtaining optimal ROI in any Mass Tort case. Mass Tort America works with firms to insure that they are generating the highest quality leads at the best possible price throughout the life cycle of a Mass Tort case. Mass Tort America is not a lead generation company nor are we a media outlet through which to advertise. Our role is to insure that your firm makes the best possible decisions when choosing whether or not to invest resources in a given mass tort case and when your firm does make the decision to become involved in a case, our role is to insure that your firm achieves optimal results within in the scope of a reasonable risk mitigation strategy.

Our software development division keeps Mass Tort America on the cutting edge of predicting emerging mass tort lawsuits at the earliest possible point. Our primary focus is in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device space however, Mass Tort America has worked with firms on numerous cases outside of the Pharma and Med Device space. Our prediction model is limited to the Pharma and Med Device space however, out other areas of expertise can be applied to any type of Mass Tort Case as well as Class Action cases.

It is not unusual for Mass Tort America to predict Emerging Mass Torts in the Pharma and Med Device Space as early as two years before the first case is signed. This level of marketing intelligence allows our marketing team to be positioned to generate goals, marketing plans and risk mitigation strategies for casesĀ  well in advance of other firms. This advance planning allows our clients to be positioned to execute their plan as soon as a case reaches the client acquisition phase.


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